Smoked Dulce Seaweed & Mushroom Salt


Smoked Dulce Seaweed & Mushroom Salt

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Smoked Dulce Seaweed & Mushroom Salt

Scottish Smoked Dulce seaweed combined with Oak Smoked Oyster Mushrooms & Malden Sea Salt.

Mushrooms and Seaweed the perfect Umami combination. We use Applewood Smoked Dulce produced in Scotland from foraged Seaweed off the Scottish & Irish Coast.

A little goes a long way with this Umami Salt, try using as a rub on meat or fish to enhance the flavour, use in stir fry or noodle dishes.

Ingredients; Maldon Sea Salt 79%, Cold Smoked Oyster Mushroom 19%, Applewood Smoked Dulce Seaweed 2%

Net Weight 30g


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Weight 150 g


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