Greek Seasoning Blend


Greek Seasoning Blend


Greek Seasoning Blend

Our Greek Seasoning Blend is the perfect way to add authentic flavour to any dish.

This Greek spice blend is savoury in taste with a warm, earthy, grassy flavour and slightly peppery and sweet undertones.

This multi-purpose Greek blend is a simple way to add flavour to a variety recipes! From chicken and fish to salads and vegetables, you are going to want to sprinkle this seasoning on everything! Try mixing with olive oil and lemon to make a dressing or combine it with Greek yoghurt and lemon to make a dip.

Ingredients; Oregano 20%, Mixed Herbs, Onion, Dil 6%, Cinnamon, Pepper, Olive 5%, Oyster & Shiitake Mushroom 3%.

Net Weight 30g

Additional information

Weight 150 g


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