Chimichurri Blend


Chimichurri Blend 


Chimichurri Blend 

Argentinian inspired seasoning.

Our incredible Chimichurri is herby, garlicky and delicately spicy with warmth with sweet smoky undertones from our Cherrywood Smoked Oyster Mushrooms,  paprika and bell peppers and a touch of Rioja Salt to add a little depth of flavour. This gorgeous blend will utterly transform anything it touches. The classic way to use it is as a sauce or drizzle over grilled food as you serve, mix with a splash of oil to form a loose sauce and leave for a few hours for the herbs to rehydrate. Its a perfect dressing to add to your BBQ menu, pairs with grilled veggies, fish or meat.

Ingredients; Rioja Salt 30%, Red Bell Pepper 20%, Onion 20%, Oregano 8%, Garlic 8%, Cherrywood Smoked Mushrooms, Pepper.

Net Weight 30g

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Weight 150 g


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