About Us

Peak District Mushroom Farm was born from our love of food, cooking and growing produce for the kitchen using sustainable natural methods.

We are passionate about our Peak District and the benefits it gives our farm. From limestone filtered water to the perfect Peak District fresh air.  

At the farm we blend traditional mushroom cultivation practices with modern technology in an effort to be as efficient as possible. 

Sustainable Mushroom Farming

One of the core strategies of Peak District Mushroom Farm is to provide safe and nutritious mushroom products for consumers in the Peak District through practising sustainable mushroom farming.

We use environmentally friendly management practices and technology across the mushroom production stages, from raw material/inputs, composting, to growing facilities. 

Managing temperature and humidity in the growing houses is critical to the production and quality of mushroom. The farm aims to minimise energy consuming while increasing production.

Moving forward, Peak District Mushroom Farm will continue to find ways to become even better sustainable mushroom farming practitioner.

Our Product

Our farm has a robust supply chain we have complete control from substrate, growing, packaging and delivery to our customers door.

Our mushrooms are grown on straw from Wye Farm, Bakewell, locally sourced spent coffee grains & brewing malt and hops from Peak Ales. 

Each mushroom is hand picked and hand delivered within 24 hours. This ensures a high end quality product.

Our Restaurant Partners Keep Us Growing

Farms like ours couldn’t exist without enthusiastic and supportive customers. We’re grateful to live and work in The Peak District, where so many fantastic restaurants and commit to local and responsible sourcing. These restaurant partners took a chance on a young farm and continue to make our work possible by cooking and serving our mushrooms in exciting and delicious ways. You can support us by supporting them, dine out in The Peak District!

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